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episode 35: the recovery (Ways to Recover from Chronic Pain and Long COVID with Arun Nijhawan, PART ONE)


Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? Do you have Long COVID symptoms?

This episode is for YOU.

Per the CDC, Nearly 1 in 5 still have long COVID symptoms. A Medscape article predicts Long COVID could cost the economy TRILLIONS. 

My guest today is Arun Nijhawan. Arun was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease at age 24. His pain became so debilitating he no longer could play basketball, hike–his pain made it difficult to even walk. His pain was REAL. So was the SOLUTION.

Listen to Part One of today’s episode where Arun tells his journey of Chronic Pain Recovery while I tell my OWN story of Long COVID recovery.

The purpose of today’s episode is for people suffering from Chronic Pain and Long COVID symptoms tofeel heard and cared for.

Arun Nijhawan is the co-founder of, an evidence-based virtual pain recovery program. Arun suffered from chronic pain for 5 long years. Arun still didn’t have answers despite having the BEST access to medical resources.

How did he recover from Chronic Pain? How did I recover from Long Covid?

Listen to our similar journey of recovery and healing. YOU are not alone


  • The trillion dollar prediction COST of Long COVID
  • Arun’s diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease at age 24
  • Christine’s Long COVID Symptoms (Brain fog, numbness and tingling in hand, fatigued, sensitive to environment, headaches, short of breathe)
  • The cycles and spirals of hopelessness in chronic pain and long covid
  • The “thing” that shifted Arun’s Chronic Pain into recovery 
  • The role of thoughts and emotions
  • Modern pain Neuroscience
  • Neuroplastic pain
  • Tough life experiences priming your nervous system for chronic pain
  • Pain Processing Therapy
  • Finding hope in the possibility of recovery

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Disclaimer: The information and recommendations in this Podcast are only opinions of the host and guests of How Coronavirus Saved My Life Podcast


Listen to episode 34 part one

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Dr. Les Aria
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episode 34: the polyvagal (How to Heal Chronic Pain with Dr. Les Aria, part TWO)

Dr. Les Aria


Do you have Chronic Pain? Ready for Pain Recovery? This episode is for YOU!

We have a special guest today—Dr. Les Aria, a Pain Psychologist & Co-founder of Menda.Health, who specializes in helping people recover from chronic pain. Today, he’ll explain what polyvagal theory is and how it can help you feel safe when you’re dealing with chronic pain.

This week’s episode, Part TWO, on polyvagal theory and its application to chronic pain therapy. Polyvagal theory is the science of feeling safe, and it’s based on decades of research by Dr. Stephen Porges, who pioneered research into the autonomic nervous system and its relationship with emotions.

Check out Dr. Les Aria’s Pain Recovery App

Topics Covered:

  • The only question you brain is trying to answer
  • 3 worlds our body & brain responds to
  • Easy ways to recognize nervous system dysregulation
  • 90 seconds to correct your emotional experience  
  • Why intense attraction can’t be trusted
  • Why we are attracted to people who dysregulate our nervous system 
  • Our brain is reacting to past while in the present
  • What we need to experience to believe we can heal ourself 
  • Practice is the drive changer of your nervous system 
  • Co-regulation 

Connect with Dr. Les Aria: 

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Disclaimer: The information and recommendations in this Podcast are only opinions of the host and guests of How Coronavirus Saved My Life Podcast — Send in a voice message: