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episode 34: the polyvagal (How to Heal Chronic Pain with Dr. Les Aria, part TWO)

Dr. Les Aria


Do you have Chronic Pain? Ready for Pain Recovery? This episode is for YOU!

We have a special guest today—Dr. Les Aria, a Pain Psychologist & Co-founder of Menda.Health, who specializes in helping people recover from chronic pain. Today, he’ll explain what polyvagal theory is and how it can help you feel safe when you’re dealing with chronic pain.

This week’s episode, Part TWO, on polyvagal theory and its application to chronic pain therapy. Polyvagal theory is the science of feeling safe, and it’s based on decades of research by Dr. Stephen Porges, who pioneered research into the autonomic nervous system and its relationship with emotions.

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Topics Covered:

  • The only question you brain is trying to answer
  • 3 worlds our body & brain responds to
  • Easy ways to recognize nervous system dysregulation
  • 90 seconds to correct your emotional experience  
  • Why intense attraction can’t be trusted
  • Why we are attracted to people who dysregulate our nervous system 
  • Our brain is reacting to past while in the present
  • What we need to experience to believe we can heal ourself 
  • Practice is the drive changer of your nervous system 
  • Co-regulation 

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