A picture of Christine and her Father
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episode 40: the injustice (How My Father’s Racism Impacted My Childhood)

Christine and her father
A Young Christine with her Father


Hearing the N-Word my entire life was a trauma for me. Witnessing injustice frequently impacted my childhood. Injustice was a trauma for me. 

Today’s episode is about my experience with being raised by a Racist White Alcoholic Father. 

How my Father not only said the N-Word but would describe a group of people as subhuman.  Connecting the dots with how my father became racist and how his racism has led to my soul’s calling. 

How my racist grandmother would not let me swim with black people. 

Why I have always been drawn to other cultures. 

And the surprising time I felt love and safety for the first time at 14 years old. 

Thank you for listening. My hope is for others to find ways to heal through my journey. 


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