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“You Can’t Keep Blaming Me”

A REAL Mom to Mom Conversation about Being Raised by Broken Women

August 7, 2022 by Christine ZethrausPMHNP-BC

episode 32: the warrior

Watch the response of Belinda’s Mother after expressing how her Mother’s abandonment impacted her childhood. Belinda’s response back to her Mother’s disappointing reaction is not to be missed! Bravo Belinda!

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episode 40: the injustice (How My Father’s Racism Impacted My Childhood)

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My Story of Being Raised by a Narcissistic Mother & Alcoholic Father:

How I Learned to Stop Believing My Story and Started Living Mine We all have a story. An untrue story we’ve been telling ourselves since childhood—an inaccurate story created by the broken people who raised us. Our Parents. A Narcissistic Mother and an Alcoholic, Racist Father built my story. These two broken people created my…

episode 39: the gratitude (How My Journaling Practice Saved My Life)

Summary This Episode is about JOURNALING and GRATITUDE – How Journaling has helped me understand myself.  When you start your day by Writing 5 Things you are Grateful for, YOU start with Love for Yourself.  Starting off with Gratitude releases Oxytocin, the Love Hormone, LOVE FOR YOURSELF.   Listen as I am shifting through my past…

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