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episode 34: the polyvagal (How to Heal Chronic Pain with Dr. Les Aria, part ONE)

Picture of Christine and Dr. Les Aria
Christine and Les discussing the groundbreaking The Polyvagal Theory

It Always Seems Impossible…Until It’s Done

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Do you have Chronic Pain? Ready for Pain Recovery? This episode is for YOU!

We have a special guest today—Dr. Les Aria, a Pain Psychologist who specializes in helping people recover from chronic pain. Today, he’ll explain what polyvagal theory is and how it can help you feel safe when you’re dealing with chronic pain.

This week’s episode, Part One, on polyvagal theory and its application to chronic pain therapy. Polyvagal theory is the science of feeling safe, and it’s based on decades of research by Dr. Stephen Porges, who pioneered research into the autonomic nervous system and its relationship with emotions.

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Topics Covered:

  • Healing Chronic Pain through the Vagus Nerve
  • Ways to stimulate your Vagus Nerve
  • Polyvagal Framework Ladder of Feeling Safe
  • Mind Body Connection
  • Trauma and Chronic Pain brain pathways
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Long Covid Symptoms
  • Shut Down Phase of Relapse connected to Trauma
  • Why slow breathing is key 
  • Wisdom of your Frontal Lobe
  • Safe and Sound Protocol

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