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episode 35: the recovery (Ways to Recover from Chronic Pain and Long COVID with Arun Nijhawan, PART TWO)

I was 99.99999% Skeptical

-Arun Nijhawan
Headshot of Arun Nijhawan
Arun Nijhawan, Co-founder of menda.health


Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? 

Do you have Long COVID symptoms still but can’t get answers?

This episode is for YOU. YOU are not alone.

My guest today is Arun Nijhawan.

Arun was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease at age 24.

His pain became so debilitating he no longer could play basketball, hike–his pain made it difficult to even walk. His pain was REAL. So was the SOLUTION.

Listen to Part TWO of episode 35: the recovery— where Arun tells his story of how he recovered from Chronic Pain while I tell my OWN story of Long COVID Recovery.

The purpose of today’s episode is for people suffering from Chronic Pain and Long COVID symptoms to feel heard and cared for, to not suffer as much, and find hope once again in the possibility of recovery. 

Arun Nijhawan is the co-founder of menda.health— an evidence-based virtual pain recovery program. 

Arun suffered from Chronic Pain for 5 long years.

Arun still didn’t have answers despite having the BEST access to medical resources.

Listen to his story of Chronic Pain Recovery.

Arun’s story will blow you away. 


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