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episode 37, part two: the gift (How Spirituality Plays a Positive Role in Mental Health Recovery with Dr. Jack Perkins)

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Dr. Jack Perkins


Welcome back to episode 37, part TWO! Dr. Perkins and I continue our conversation about the importance of Spirituality in Mental Health recovery. 

Jack Perkins is a licensed professional counselor and the founder of Psuche Education Counseling & Coaching Services. He has a heart to help others discover the secret to living a fulfilled life by integrating their spirituality into every area of their lives. He’s seen first hand how the integration of spirituality into healthcare is important in the recovery process.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why integrating spirituality into healthcare is important
  • Why people turned to prayer after Sept 11
  • Spirituality gives people hope and helps them cope with depression
  • Why Christine went into nursing
  • World Health Organization states spirituality is a pillar of healthcare
  • Low Percentage of doctors assessing spirituality with patients
  • Importance of spirituality assessment in healthcare
  • Providers need to assess their spiritual health first
  • Provider bias with patients’ religions and spiritual beliefs
  • Jack’s touching story of helping grieving parents whose baby just died


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