Burnout symptoms and contributing factors
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episode 26: the burnout


In this episode of How Coronavirus Saved My Life podcast, is my personal story of burnout as a nurse.

Burnout is real. Burnout is definitely real if you’re a healthcare worker. Then throw additional gasoline on burnout if you’re a nurse working in the pandemic. Double the gasoline if you’re a nurse working on a covid unit.

Listen to my journey of why I became a nurse, the life changing events of 2001 leading me to my calling, and the surprising person who always encouraged me to become a nurse.

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  • Nurse Burnout
  • Why I choose nursing
  • The slow rollercoaster of burnout starting in nursing school
  • Baby nurses vs veteran nurses
  • Nurses eating their young
  • The ICU environment filled with stressful noises, constant fight or flight, emotional impact of telling family members their loved one died,
  • The acuity of an inpatient psychiatric unit
  • How long covid symptoms forced me to make myself a priority
  • Forgetting to put myself on the list

Mayoclinic.org Job Burnout Questions here.

Thank you to all my listeners! My little podcast I made to help the world heal is starting to reach the ears and hearts of people around the world! Big hugs!

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