A picture of an angel in the sky taken with iphone
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The Day I Saw an Angel in the Sky

How the Universe gives Us Messages…

By: Christine Zethraus, PMHNP

Warrior Angel

Before getting Coronavirus back in April 2020, I had already disabled most of my social medica accounts. Working in Mental Health caused me to be super sensitive to drama. Facebook was the worst with all the political noise. After getting Coronavirus, I completely stopped watching T.V. More unnecessary noise I did not want seeping into my subconscious.

Nature became my T.V. I started paying attention to animals crossing my path, birds flying over me, and find a feather when I needed one the most. The clouds in the sky became my news source. One Friday evening I was pulling out of my neighborhood when I saw the Angel in the sky. Took my breathe away.

Around this time is when I began learning about Quantum Physics. The Universe is infinitely made up of energy. Your thoughts create your reality. The human egoic brain has difficulty “seeing” this energy magically waiting for us.

All the answer we are seeking are within. The Universe and Nature have messages for us. If only we would look up….

“Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it”

Roald Dahl


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