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Welcome Back to Codependency…

Welcome back to day 2 of Codependency….

Now that we are UNconsciously in a trauma bond on the Island of Save and Rescue..

It’s time to kick it up a notch! We now enter Phase 2 of “Prove your Love for Me”. This phase consists of TESTS! Everyone likes a good test, right? Don’t worry the TESTS will start out as little pebbles then become boulders!! And once you have passed all my inner child’s tests then we do something called RAISE THE BAR.

Sigh…..well now you’ve passed all the unconscious tests, it quiet, no chaos…which guess what? Scares us because we’ve never known what it feels like to be safe.

So now what? I KNOW….we’ll become workaholics! Now why in the world would we do this? Oh that’s right…to AVOID the deep inner sadness and unworthiness we feel. Work provides us with rewards! Work is where we are near perfect! Plus all of our friends are there!! Woo hoo! It’s like a huge playground of FIGHT or FLIGHT. We’ll be so busy we won’t have time to think about all those uncomfortable feelings.

Fast forward 5 years later….my inner child and myself can’t figure out why we are so burned out and unhappy…..mmmmm.

And this concludes Codependency Theatre.

Join us tomorrow for a Special Thanksgiving Edition of “Why don’t we have sex anymore?” (Inner child shrugs)

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